How Sarah Friar became one of the most prominent women in technology

Sarah Friar is the Chief Executive of the app ‘Nextdoor’, which allows users to see a social network of their local neighbourhood and users can post requests for help, talk about local issues, organise events and meet-ups.

Nextdoor was founded in 2010 in the US and it has since expanded around the world, including the UK and is worth £1.1 billion. She grew up in the sleepy village of Sion Mills in Northern Ireland, among 2,000 other residents and started her career in technology working alongside giants such as Salesforce and Square. She announced in October that she would be leaving her role at Square which subsequently saw the company’s share price go down by 9%.

Her move from working at such a renowned company to working in a start-up was big personal moment for Sarah, and describes the move to Nextdoor as “a chance to take the reins and in some ways show that strong women leaders can take on the CEO mantle and hopefully do it really successfully.”