How games studios can streamline their hiring process

Article written by Andy Turton, Director of X4 Technology.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, while various industries have been hit hugely, the gaming industry has seen nothing but growth. In the first three months of 2020, job postings for esports roles on Indeed increased by 43% and the streaming website Twitch, listed more than 115 roles in mid-May ranging from senior software engineers to advertising.

The gaming industry has shown its resilience as the number of job opportunities continue to rise but there is one problem the industry currently faces, the huge competition for top talent. Quite often the industry goes head-to-head with other entertainment and technology sectors, making it competitive for employers to hire experienced talent.

There are several ways to streamline your hiring process to ensure you provide a quality candidate experience that will position your business as the go-to employer over competitors.

Timing is powerful

Timing influences many aspects of the hiring process and with industry giants such as EA sourcing, interviewing and hiring within 10 days, you need to ensure your hiring process allows you to move fast. Moving quickly not only shows your company is organised, it also signals to the candidate that they are important.

Highly skilled candidates are likely to receive multiple offers and counter offers and so, you risk losing out on top talent if your company is slower to respond than your competitors.

Similarly, you must have enough time to properly evaluate your candidate. Otherwise, you may potentially be stuck with a bad hire. Depending on your hiring process, the time frame for candidate evaluation will vary, but it’s important to be consistent and make decisions quickly when dealing with each candidate.

Here are some things to think about:

  • Do you have the resources and time in-house to manage the recruitment process efficiently or do you need a recruitment partner?
  • Have you created a process that allows you to quickly and effectively evaluate your candidates?
  • Do you have all relevant members of the leadership team available at short notice to conduct an interview (whether virtually or in the office)?

Realistic expectations

It’s not realistic in this hiring climate to expect a candidate to meet the job description 100%. Instead of focusing on searching for candidates who meet your exact requirements, consider candidates from varying backgrounds with transferrable skills and experience. For example, a programmer with a degree who knows the GNU compiler with experience in C++ is likely to be able to transition into Unreal on the PlayStation.

Another option is to offer learning and development programmes to assist the skills of new hires and refresh the skills of existing employees. Offering a training package is something that will help you to stand out among the competitive landscape and attract top talent and retain existing talent.


Does your hiring process allow for flexibility? Employers must adapt to shifting dynamics and provide a hiring process that accommodates applicants who are still in employment. They are likely to have limited availability for interviews and so, the more stages you have, the more strain on the candidate to continue with the process.

A great way to resolve this is to conduct video interviews outside of peak working hours. When it comes to on-boarding the successful candidate remotely, check out our top tips for on-boarding employees remotely guide for advice on what to consider.

Company culture

What does your careers page say about you? A careers page on your company’s website can be the most effective way to communicate and promote your employer brand, and ultimately attract talented candidates that are aligned with your company culture.

Show your people, make them human, link to your social media pages, update with team pictures and activities, include employee stories and use video – there are so many simple ways to show who you are on a careers page.

A recent study found that 37% of candidates researching potential employers want to see candidate testimonials. PlayStation are a leading example of this, they share employee spotlights in video format on their careers page and as a result have some of the world’s top gaming talent working for them.

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