Job opportunities in the gaming industry are booming

Article written by Andy Turton, Director of X4 Technology.

The UK is an internationally renowned start-up scene for innovative gaming companies and developers. Job opportunities in the industry are booming amid the coronavirus pandemic with gaming directly contributing more than £1.35bn to the UK economy.

According to Candor, there are 10 times more gaming companies hiring right now, than there are gaming companies making redundancies. As new games and technology are in constant development, the volume of career opportunities is expanding. Here are some of the most in-demand tech skills and jobs in the gaming sector right now:

  1. Software Engineering

The demand for software engineers continues to skyrocket and so, it’s important to find the right applicant. I’ve seen a huge demand in C++, JavaScript, DevOps and Linux professionals in recent months. Python also remains popular, which is likely down to its general purpose as a programming language making it suitable for a variety of tasks.

  1. UX Design

As virtual reality and augmented reality remain at the forefront of gaming, the industry is calling out for experienced UX designers that have experience in software design and development, branding, functionality, integration and usability.

  1. Data Science

With more than 2 billion players all over the world, the gaming industry is a resource of enormous revenue and data. Users’ playing time, interaction time, peaks of activity, patterns etc. are all valuable insights that a data scientist can utilise to optimise the games storylines and concepts.

Data scientists are in huge demand to gaming companies, with their involvement integral to the game’s development, design, and many other stages of their functioning.

  1. Product

Product roles account for 8% of all open positions in the gaming industry. There’s always a stream of big data coming in from millions of players and the product manager listens to the users of the product, finding out what new features they want before gathering and analysing their feedback and usage data.

At X4 Technology, we work with a diverse range of highly skilled individuals across all the above markets and have fantastic relationships with some of the most innovative gaming companies in the UK.  If you want to better understand how and where to recruit the best gaming talent, please reach out to me on LinkedIn or email me at

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